Shores of Null – Black Drapes For Tomorrow

2017 is shaping up to be quite a year for heavy music as Shores of Null are back with their sophomore release, Black Drapes For Tomorrow (Candlelight). Track by track, I found a similar theme across the entire record. While I can headbang through each song, there is also this overwhelming sadness that comes out from the riffs and the vocals. This is truly an emotionally polarizing experience which deserves everyone’s time of day.

Eleven tracks spanning fifty-one minutes was just right for Black Drapes For Tomorrow as I was left satisfied with the journey through the record. ‘Donau’ kicks off the album (right after the intro opener ‘Tributary Waters’) and sets the expectation of what to expect from the landscape that Shores of Null creates; double kick-drum passages, depressing chord progressions, and haunting vocals flying over the top really grabs your attention early. The title track starts off slightly different from the previous songs as it starts with a doom riff rather than utilize it as a breakdown of sorts. The guitar leads sprinkled in throughout the song add just a bit more depressive element to counter the harsh vocals that do make their way to the front and center.

One of the biggest selling points on the album is the high-soaring, epic choruses. ‘Carry On My Tiny Hope’ has one of the catchiest choruses out of them all and will get stuck in your head for sure. The guitar lead in the bridge over the doomy rhythms and growled vocals may be the most gratifying part of the album as well. I have no shame in admitting it gives me goosebumps with each listen.

While I cannot say I have heard of many melodic black/doom metal bands, I am comfortable stating that Shores of Null is one such band in the genre that should not be overlooked. The Italian five piece really clicks as a unit on Black Drapes For Tomorrow which probably should get the producer a high-five as the production value was nearly flawless.

Overall, a fantastic effort and execution, especially for a sophomore release as an artist.