Shattered Skies – Muted Neon

In the decade since Djent first hit the scene boasting algebraic riffs, yet also throwing back to the likes of Tangerine Dream’s spell-binding atmosphere. With Meshuggah being the catalyst and the lead that many of the scenes alumni would take inspiration, at the outset, it was a thriving community of bands and their ravenous fans.

Fast-forward to 2018 and many of the forerunners have disbanded and the over-saturation had resulted in the style and sound becoming commonplace. That being said, a small group of luminaries remains and intent of keeping the flag flying high, including UK-based Shattered Skies.

While many bands fell by the wayside attempting to be a band they aren’t, Shattered Skies have spent the three years since their debut honing their craft and new vocalist Gerry Brown fits in nicely, fluidly syncing with the hook-laden guitars and retro synths. Djent may not be the beast it once was, but Muted Neon proves that the style no longer needs the hype train of the scene to produce a standout record.

Opener ‘The Disaffected’ is full of eighties synths that bombast through the speakers with traditional mathematical riffs and ‘Shut In’ is the album’s stand out track, a culmination of Shattered Skies’ history and experimentation.

Four years since their debut, and Shattered Skies has gone through a huge line-up overhaul, but thankfully their sound hasn’t suffered as a result. Muted Neon is a nostalgic trip to the flourishing beginnings of Djent, but with a futuristic feel to it, delves deeper into a sound that the likes of their more mainstream counterparts, Muse, have only skimmed the surface of.

8 / 10