Senses Fail – If There Is Light, It Will Find You

One of the few original emo bands left, Senses Fail (Pure Noise)has released their seventh studio album If There Is Light, It Will Find You. The New Jersey natives debuted onto the scene in 2004 with megahit Let It Enfold You and much of the strong energy that was presented on that album has been carried into this new LP.

Original and founding member, Buddy Nielsen’s unique vocals are present in this album; in opener and the lead single, ‘Double Cross’ he takes us on the Senses Fail journey—creating a sentimental and raw audio journal ahead of us. ‘New Jersey Makes, The World Takes’ finds the band on their typical pop-punk sound as guitarists Jason Milbank and Gavin Caswell create the familiar riffs. Lyrically Nielsen took a dive into issues like mass shootings and LGTBQ rights and discussed them on the album—such can be seen on the video for the second single ‘Gold Jacket, Green Jacket’. Speaking of lyrics, ‘You Get So Alone At Times It Just Makes Sense’ hits you with all the feels, but the melody has a groove that fits so nicely with the melancholic words.

Taking a darker leap, ‘First Love, Last Breath’ fans will appreciate that the band has not abandoned their emo roots – it’s one of those tracks that will have you turning on your flashlight at the show or a lighter if you really want to dive into the nostalgic rhythm the song has. Drummer, Dan Trapp who was a part of the original lineup came to drum for the album but the tour promoting the album will feature Chris Hornbook. Trapp’s drum fill in ‘Stay What You Are’ is a reminder that he hasn’t lost his groove and has only mastered his ability to deliver an eloquent percussion line.

The album showcases the technicality and musicianship among all members. In tracks like ‘Orlando and a Miscarriage’ and ‘New Jersey Makes, The World Takes’ their punk influences shine through the deepest with fast tempos that will be stuck in your head. The angst emotion channels the popular post-hardcore of the early millennium, and that is the core of the album. Senses Fail deliver what they know and what fans new and old want to hear.