Ex Eye – Ex Eye

Ex Eye’s self-titled album (Relapse) is something extraordinarily different, so hold on to your hats and brace yourself!  The soon-to-be-legendary group consists of renowned, experimental saxophonist Colin Stetson, Greg Fox on drums, Shahzad Ismaily on synths and Toby Summerfield on guitar and these dudes will literally blow your mind!

Part of me thought – while listening to the second track of Ex Eye – that it had a hint of Portugal. The Man and a whole lot of “what the actual fuck?” Of course, in the best possible way! The musical blend is like trying to fit a square into a triangular space – it just doesn’t fit! Sometimes, however, if you’re strong enough you can break through whatever is keeping you from getting where you want to be!

That’s exactly what this album portrays about the band and popular or traditional musical boundaries hold no power over these eclectic musicians. The wicked guitar riffs contrast the heaviness of the horns…the odd addition of the synth sounds and the quick drums… it’s literally an earful of everything you never knew you wanted to hear from a song!

If you like ska, or Heavy Metal, you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with Ex Eye! Even if you don’t fancy those particular genres – the album’s vibe welcomes all, and that is such an evident and seriously impressive energy given off by each individual track. You can dance to this album, headbang to it, or even just kick back and sip your iced mocha with two extra shots of espresso and non-fat milk (you know who you are).

The entire album feels like it’s either running away from something or running towards something with great fierceness and determination. The inability to decide which way they are running, however, is what adds to the indescribable kind of excitement the album exudes.

If you’re not easily stressed out or are an extreme music buff with an appreciation for artists who aren’t fearful of pushing boundaries, this album is an absolute must. If you’re a little more mellow and like order, dude, seriously, just chill out and go experience some musical authenticity, it’ll be a nice break from what’s on the radio in your car!