ALBUM REVIEW: Sacred Reich – Awakening

Although this year was already shaping up to be a big year for Thrash Metal, with new albums from veterans such as Overkill and Death Angel, as well as upstarts like Hatriot. But your ears are not ready for the throwback vibes of the new sacred Reich album, Awakening (Metal Blade). The long wait for this bands comeback is complete with this killer release

Most bands want to live in the past and repeat themselves. Few manage to capture the sound they are known for but have a foot in the present as much as Sacred Reich does here. Blistering thrash riffs and mosh ready tempos abound, yet none of the songs feel like a clone of any past track. The album is full of bangers, true, but there is a depth to each performance, with every note dung, every lead lick, every beat summoning the power and passion for metal as one.

Frontman Phil Rind doesn’t just serve the deft lyrical prowess that earned the band a legion of fans both anarcho-Punks and headbangers, but certainly the best singing of his career. His vocals carry a lot of the album alone, delivering wise messages of hope and rebellion in this muddled time in world history. It’s not too late to make a positive change, and if you listen to Phil, you’ll become a believer too.

Another crucial element to the power of this album is the return of Dave McClain. Fresh from his long stint in Machine Head, McClain just crushes the kit on Awakening. Always one of the best drummers in the scene. He is on some ridiculous level shit with his playing here. Apparently, he did most of the tracks in one take. of the things powering this release.

As much as the individual tracks are memorable, the album doesn’t suffer muddy production most riff-fest thrash albums get. Arthur Rizk (Powertrip) is the man and sets the template for tight sounding, current metal tracks.

Ultimately, we welcomed back Sacred Reich back from the depths because of what they put down all those years ago. The fact that they came back so strong is a tribute to the hard work and vision of this important band.

8 / 10