ALBUM REVIEW: Rykers – Ours Was A Noble Cause

Hardcore German Act, Rykers, are back with their newest effort, Ours Was a Noble Cause (BDHW). The band was originally formed back in 1992 and split up in the early 2000s. After a few reunions, Rykers came back in full force in 2013. Since then the band has proven they are just as pissed and angry as they were back in the beginning.

This recording is ten tracks of unapologetic, boot to the skull, old school hardcore. Straight from the opening track, Rykers blasts their hard hitting and frenzied guitars that instantly fill the room with energy. Vocalist King D returns to the group on this album proving that he is just as pissed and angry now as he has been in the past with his powerful vocals


For the entire thirty minutes or so running time, Ours Was a Noble Cause is an absolute beat down. The blistering grooves along with their catchy singing (yelling?) along gang vocals blend perfectly together.


Playing this album in public may cause circle pits to form with little to no warning.

The music feels much more “metal” than anything else with their thrash inspired guitar riffs and grooves. If you listen close enough, you can hear a Slayer influence amongst the chaos. There is still plenty of “punk” to be found as well which can be heard and felt in the pure speed of this album.

Ryker’s are out to prove something with their second coming.

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7 / 10