ALBUM REVIEW: Russkaja – Turbo Polka Party


Turn up for what? Turn up for a Turbo Polka Party! That’s right, it’s time to get this party started with the newest dance-worthy, head-bopping, ska-laden, metal riffage of Russkaja and Turbo Polka Party (Napalm Records). Russkaja is famous for blending ska, punk, and reggae to create a unique and fun sound. This new offering is a straight-up craic!


The first relentless party tome is ‘Russki Style’. The saxophones are wicked. Nico Loro Ravenni is on fire on this track. It’s frakking amazing in terms of loudness, in your face, drinking and dancing. If you aren’t partying and hoisting a cold one during ‘Russki Style’, then I don’t know if you can be helped in this life or the next. Russkaja channels several different styles to add to their ska polka party. ‘Shopka’ and ‘Vozdukh’ are reminiscent of the nu-metal sound like Limp Biscuit and Linkin Park, while the song ‘Olga von der Wolga’ sounds like Tarja. Both songs bring a different element of heaviness to the Russkaja sound; metal and symphonic – all intermingled with the ska horns and the robustness of vocalists Georgij Makazaria and Engel Mayr. Then in a great turnaround, they do a song like ‘Senales’ that has Latin-inspired merengue-type sounds. The song features the German band Le Fly.


The quintessential Russkaja sound is encapsulated in the song ‘New Life’. It’s 100% ska and 100% polka, to wit, you can actually polka to the song! There is a great punk rock element to it, but the ever-prevalent guitar riffage courtesy of Mayr and Hg Gutternigg’s tuba give it that delicious ska polka blend. The lyrics, which include, “… I’m going to a new life and I’m never looking back…” are positive and uplifting. The song is fun.


Then there is the “What the frak!?” moment. ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham! is covered in all its ska-punk polka glory, complete with tuba. You can skank to this song! I have no words. You just have to hear it and revel in its awesomeness.

Suffice it to say, I have turned up for this! Russkaja’s Turbo Polka Party is one of their strongest albums from the first track to last. Long-time fans will love it. If you’ve ever wondered what the brouhaha surrounding the band is, then pick up Turbo Polka Party and fall in love.


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8 / 10