Reigning Days – Eclipse

After their self-titled, four-track EP back in 2016 comes the release of Eclipse (Marshall), the debut album from Devonshire three piece Reigning Days. Brooding riffs and big centerpiece choruses their style of rock is deeply rooted in Royal Blood, Biffy Clyro, and Queens of the Stone Age, and as such, they have been getting some love from the UK mainstream press.

It is easy to see why, as, at its best Eclipse, is full of atmospheric riffs and big choruses.

The best example of this is the opening song ‘Empire’, taken from their EP, which is a tight, powerful and concise blast of modern, Royal Blood like, rock. ‘Gravity’ is similar in many respects, a former EP track with a strong alternative feel and an equally brooding atmosphere. In fact, all four tracks from their EP make an appearance, and with the self-contained blast of Queens of The Stone Age esque proportions that is ‘Friendly Fire’ we are very thankful. It is not just old tracks reworked, as the three-minute nugget of raucous energy that is ‘My Sweet Love’ shows. The lead single ‘Inhaler’ has this knack as well, with a bouncy riff and bass line that brings out the sudden urge to chant ‘My Sharona’.

Atmospheric and catchy, Eclipse is a promising statement of intent from an upcoming British band but it is not without its faults, the main one being its length. It is surprisingly long for a debut and, alas, some filler does creep in, with ‘Thrones’, ‘Self Destruct’ and ‘Do You Feel’ prime examples. Whilst not horrible by any stretch of the imagination they just trundle by as if on autopilot. They are a bit plain and forgetful, especially compared to other album tracks such as ‘Gravity’ and ‘Friendly Fire’.


Despite a bit too much filler Reigning Days have delivered a decent debut album, and one with plenty of potential.