Regulus – Quadralith

From the Yorkshire city of Sheffield and specialising in stoner rock are a quartet by the name of Regulus. Having come into being in 2012, they have already made two E.P’s, The End and Titan Moon, and a full length self-produced and self-released début album entitled The Smoke. Having played last year’s Bloodstock Festival they can now add a second full-length album to that list, with Quadralith (Off Yer Rocka).

Catchy songs with sludgy riffs and a thick, bassy sound is the name of the game, the heavy groove of ‘Dominion’ and ‘Last Chance To Die Young’ bringing to mind Clutch. Both have a wonderful sense of groove to them and some kick-arse solos courtesy of messrs Thomas Osborne and Luke Jennings. The former sports some sweet drums-fills, Joe Milburn being the guilty party this time. The record is made up of forceful, head-banging pseudo-Metal, with the dense wall of riffery and the coarse, gravelly vocals of Luke Jennings conjuring up Pantera, especially in the speedy gallop of ‘Overcome’.

This album is a marked improvement on their début, the musicality and song-craft is stronger and so is the production. Regarding the latter, Quadralith is a more balanced album sonically with Martin Lucas-Bewick’s bass carrying some serious heft. It is a grower, only relinquishing its subtleties and hidden charms upon multiple listens, like the delectably funky bassline in ‘Seven Tales Told’. Slap bang in the middle of the album is the refreshing ‘Heart Stone’; its light almost bluesy guitars offer a tonic and work great in juxtaposition to the sludgy wall of guitars. They quickly return to their thick, pseudo-metallic, groove with the tribal intro of ‘The Dream Reaper’ which gives way to hefty, metallic riffs and some more glorious fretwork.