ALBUM REVIEW: Razor – Cycle of Contempt


It’s been over 25 years since Canadian thrashers Razor’s last album. Since then the band has reformed and played a string of shows here and there. In recent years Relapse Records reissued some of the band’s earlier material, Violent Restitution, Shotgun Justice and Open Hospitality. A new generation seemed to discover or rediscover Razor and they were hungry for new material. This was just the push those old thrashers needed.

Cycle of Contempt is a welcome return and the band hasn’t aged a bit in their hiatus. Looking at the amazing album cover, it looks like it came from the classic thrash era of the early nineties. This is pure thrash through and through. Nothing too fancy or over the top, the album is forty-three fast and furious minutes of high octane pissed and angry fury.

Riffs are brutal yet catchy and the vocals are just as great as they were on Shotgun Justice or Open Hostility. Songs like ‘Jabroni’ and ‘Off My Meds’ were made for singing/shouting along too. ‘Punch You in the Face’ is probably one of the most mosh worthy songs I’ve heard in a long time Try to listen to this track without wanting to fuck shit up. Betcha can’t do it.


It’s always frightening when a band releases a much anticipated comeback album. It’s always a gamble. Will it live up to the hype? Will it be worth the wait? Will it be Chinese Democracy or Surgical Steel? Thankfully Razor’s return is nothing less than triumphant. Is it their best album? Time will tell. Cycle of Contempt is a welcome comeback. Razor hasn’t missed a step and hopefully they won’t make us wait another twenty or so years before they release another album.

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8 / 10