ALBUM REVIEW: Queensryche – Digital Noise Alliance

When you think of bands that have an iconic sound, Queensryche immediately springs to mind. Queensryche are known for intelligent lyrics, expansive “world building” in terms of concepts for albums, a futuristic metal sound, and strong almost operatic vocals.

Queensyrche’s sixteenth album, Digital Noise Alliance (Century Media), does not disappoint. Digital Noise Alliance has the quintessential Queensryche sound courtesy of guitarist Michael Wilton and bassist Eddie Jackson. For a third album, vocal duties are handled with aplomb by Todd LaTorre. Rounding out the high caliber of musicians is guitarist Mike Stone and drummer Casey Grillo.


Digital Noise Alliance is a scorcher from beginning to end. Each track seems to be stronger than the next. For this album, Queensryche effortlessly blends the old with the new. For example, ‘Behind the Walls’ evokes The Warning in tone and composition. ‘Behind the Walls’ has vocal runs and that are epic. There is a pathos to the lyrics that are accentuated by gut punching drumming. The song has good old fashioned guitar solos in the middle of the song followed by keyboard playing that is strait out of Blade Runner. Of course, Queensryche has penned another masterpiece that is of Pink Floyd quality.

‘Forest’ is the most languid, heady song written. It swirls and meanders like an ombre sunset. If beautiful had a sound, it would be ‘Forest’. It’s easy to get lost in this track. … “Is it real or in my mind…?”


Getting lost in a Queensryche album is always a favourite pastime. The music is an aural experience that satisfies every time. Digital Noise Alliance is no exception. The lyrics are interesting, the compositions complex and intricate, and the guitar solos shred. Long time Queensryche fans will love this album. For the few and far between that have never heard Queensryche, this album is your gateway into the awesomeness that is Queensryche.

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9 / 10l