PUSH! – Dark Dive

While the Crossover scene (Heavy Metal and Hardcore Punk) has been flourishing in North America, it is nice to see that the same love for both genres of extreme music are found fused together even in Portugal. PUSH! is back with another Crossover album entitled Dark Dive (self-released) and it is ensured to impress. Equally groovy and crushing, the Lisbon, Portugal natives put together eleven tracks which is the perfect sample size to start listening to an up and coming potential gem in Western Europe.

The first track after the intro, ‘Free At Last’, certainly sets the tone for the rest of the album but is certainly not a drop-off point. Groovy verses and a neck-breaking breakdown at the end of the song really gets you ready for the rest of Dark Dive. ‘Pitfall’ is easily one of the best tracks on the whole album as it really has everything for all fans; both Metalheads and Hardcore kids. The guitar riffs are memorable with a bridge that is sure to cause a pit or two in a live setting. Shortly after this and a refrain of a previous riff, a devastating outro/breakdown hits, which certainly makes the song title that much more fitting.


Being a bass player I absolutely loved ‘Cuffed to Yourself’ mainly due to the chorus with the galloping bass riff that is clear as day. Let it be known that if a band’s bass player is audible in a recording, they win bonus points in my book. The rest of the song is pretty straight forward for what is expected from PUSH! at this point on the album but does come to a sudden stop which kind of took the wind out of the sails.

The Portuguese outfit known as PUSH! has certainly put together a list of tracks that not only jive well together, but each song has something to make all types of fans/critics happy. This can be quite difficult for a crossover style band. The potential this group has certainly shows after only their third full release which I feel is a huge plus given this was a self-released album. Additionally, another added bonus, the songs are quick at only two to three minutes long and just enough tracks deep to keep the listener’s attention but not overstay the welcome. Dark Dive will hopefully be the album that catapults these guys out to the mainstream audiences and gets further attention.

6 / 10