Origin – Abiogenesis – A Coming Into Existence

For twenty years the band Origin has set the standard for what excellent, American Death Metal should sound like. They have been blaring an uncommonly heavy, technical sound since the late nineties. Founding member and guitar player, Paul Ryan has been working on this signature style long before Origin was actually formed. Abiogenesis – A Coming Into Existence (Agonia Records) is a release of rarities from Origin’s vault that includes previously unreleased tracks from the pre-Origin era and a remastered version of Origin’s first EP.

The album starts with the song ‘Insanity’ and it’s like the opening chapter of Ryan’s extreme music career. The uninhibited harshness and unapologetic anger unleashed on these early tracks reveal how heavy Origin’s roots are. The first eight tracks, which were conceived between 1991-1996, deliver a deliciously foul union of riffs, blast beats, and demonic-like vocals. The chaos and incessant speed on numbers like ‘Mind Asylum’ invokes such a fun, primal power that prickle the senses. The listener could be reminded of other speed masters like Suffocation and Decapitated. These prequels of Origin are an intense treat to rage over.

The last four songs on this release are the remastered goodness of A Coming Into Existence, Origin’s first EP that was released in 1998. The longest track on this album, ‘Sociocide’ really shows off the production and care with each instrument. The distinct brutality and technical severity highlight the venom this band had in their early days. Ryan’s shredding and sweep picking skills will stun and captivate on each track. The ferocious grind and precise darkness carried in the sound and lyrics on these rare songs reveal the hating hostility these guys have. The sharp, strong sounds of deliberate, punchy movements are vehemently delivered by Origin’s mastermind, Paul Ryan. The technicality and seamless precision of each instrument is felt. The heart races as the band’s severity continues to impress and impact. Origin is a band that makes you want to be 15 again. Their extreme deliverance of sound breaks you down to feeling raw and relieved. This explosive act knows how to help you release your rage and frustration. Abiogenesis – A Coming Into Existence is an album that is way more helpful than screaming into a pillow.

7 / 10