ALBUM REVIEW: Opeth – Sorceress

Opeth - Sorceress album cover gohstcultag

Opeth will be releasing Sorceress on September 30th via the bands own label Moderbolaget Records, thanks to their new deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The album sees the band continue on their progressive path, but unlike Heritage and Pale Communion, this record will keep you guessing, and keep you entertained from the first note to the last. The two previous records saw the group evolving their sound into something new, and while I enjoyed each song immensely, there was a completeness missing to each album. After numerous listens to Sorceress, there is nothing missing. This is the progressive masterpiece from Opeth we’ve been waiting for.

While some fans may argue about the lack of growls or heaviness, if you open your ears, you will hear some of the heaviest and darkest music this band has ever written. No, there are no growls, but the atmosphere built-in songs like the title track, ‘The Seventh Sojourn,’ and ‘Strange Brew’ is enough to take your breathe away. As if that wasn’t enough, this record features some of Mikael Åkerfeldt‘s best vocal parts and lyrics that he’s ever created, and that’s saying something. ‘Chrysalis’ might be his best vocal performance ever, with ‘Will O the Wisp’ and ‘A Fleeting Glance’ right behind. His range is finally matching the new style of the band, and it makes every song on this record that much better. Add in the exceptional organ play, the masterful electric and acoustic guitar work, the quiet, yet essential rhythm section, and an overall drive for perfection on this album, and you get exactly that. Perfection.


As a fan of Opeth‘s new progressive movement, I was excited to hear Sorceress more than most people, and as you can tell, it did not disappoint on any level. Unless you are one of those fans who are still waiting for a return to the death metal days, this is an album that will truly blow your mind. What I thought was lacking on the previous two albums was taken care of. What I needed to feel from each song was more powerful than I could imagine. What I wanted was another Opeth masterpiece, and that’s exactly what Sorceress is. We are witnessing a band in their progressive peak, and although many have come before them in this genre, they have just set a new standard with Sorceress.


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