ALBUM REVIEW: Necrot – Mortal – Tankcrimes

What’s the best strategy when it comes time to record a follow-up to a critically acclaimed album like 2017’s Blood Offerings? Well, for Necrot it seems as simple as following the course. Yes, that approach on paper does come across a little reductionist and it may imply that Mortal (Tankcrimes) is merely a rehash. But while Necrot may not be reimagining the genre on Mortal they are serving up some of the most satisfying Death Metal today.

It’s a simple yet effective formula that centers around being raised on a steady diet of Tampa death metal and the classic Earache Records catalog and reimagining those grotesquely awesome sounds for a modern audience. Even the production and mix on Mortal sounds like something that was hammered out at Morrisound Recording but never dipping into lo-fi. And you know what? That’s the proper sonic climate for a song like ‘Stench of Decay’ – which has roots in vintage Entombed and Autopsy alike – needs in order to fully thrive.

But this wouldn’t be a proper death metal release if the players weren’t up to speed and this Oakland unit has their chops honed to a fine point. Chad Gailey anchors everything down masterfully especially on ‘Asleep Forever’ with its crashing waves of fills and double kicks. With that stage set, Luca Indrio and Sonny Reinhardt are free to unleash wicked riffs and leads like they unspool all throughout ‘Sinister Will.’ Perhaps most interesting is the album-closing title-track that seems like its building up with creeping guitars for several minutes but with no blitzkrieg payoff at the end. Instead of a grand mosh moment, ‘Mortal’ continues to escalate and mount tension with every riff and lead. Think of it as the later-era Gorguts school of songwriting.

What’s in store for LP number three? Not sure, but I wouldn’t be upset if Necrot decided not to get too ahead of itself.

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