My Regime – Deranged Patterns

Formed last year, this Swedish metal band features members of Spiritual Beggars, Kayser and The Mushroom River Band including singer/songwriter Spice. After the splendid title track drum solo showcasing the dextrous talents of Bob Ruben, we are lead into Deranged Patterns (Scarlet), the second release by My Regime – a vicious Thrash Metal record of Slayer-esque proportions.

The ear-splitting bassy rumble partnered with the album’s sheer brute force makes for epic results, such as venomous fury of ‘I Am’ and the rapid fire riffage of ‘Time Slipping Out of Tune’. The impressive roar of Alexander Sekulovski’s bass is keenly felt on ‘Nervous Fort’, a succinct blast of punk-like noise wrapped up in just over three minutes. ‘Rays of Grey’ is similarly loud, thunderous and purposeful with Spice barking the lyrics at you like a demented drill sergeant. ‘The Smiling Dog’ is another hellishly fast moment, a raucous number whose marauding rhythm is sweetly brought to an end by the duelling guitars of Marvin Kairenius and Spice: Deranged Patterns delivers consistently brutal, eye wateringly fast Thrash Metal with some wonderful guitar work.

There are moments of light and texture amidst the menacing Thrash, with a quiet almost tranquil eye of the storm like breakdown in between the hefty metallic chug of ‘The Sound of Dying Dreams’. ‘The Cage’ is of a similar ilk, a nimble metal track whose heavy riffs and virtuoso solos are counter-posed by quieter moments lead by acoustic and bass guitars. This is followed by the record’s second instrumental ‘Silver’, a peaceful intermission of bass which is over all too soon – it would have been nice to hear this incorporated into a longer track.

A great album which builds on the promise of their début Dogmas by serving up brutal Slayer influenced metal, but this time proceedings are sharper and more focused with wonderfully rich and bassy production.