Motionless In White – Disguise

Ask any Metal music lover that has attended any of the big music festivals in the past nine or so years, and they will most likely tell you they have seen a set or two of Motionless in White. It is safe to say that even most fans of modern Metal at least know the name Motionless in White. Since the band’s initial inception in 2005, the music world has witnessed the metamorphosis of MIW from a raw, unbridled, raging embryo to the cataclysmic musical force evident on the band’s latest album, Disguise (Roadrunner Records).

The band’s fifth studio album is brimming with all the ooey gooey gothiness fans have come to expect from MIW. The title track ‘Disguise’ introduces the listener to the delightfully nightmarish tone of the album. Chris Motionless never fails to deliver his signature hate-laced vocals, but for some reason, his vocal intonation on this track almost resonates sadness. The album slowly begins to uncoil itself, venomous and lethal with hardcore tracks ‘Headache’ and ‘Code’. ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ come thundering in, crashing through any preconceived notions you may have had about this album.

The stand out track by far on this album is ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ with it’s brutal (when I say brutal I mean murderously brutal) double kick drum. Seriously, I can’t imagine that drummer Vinny Mauro didn’t need stitches after his assault on his kit. The breakdown and the bridge makes this song fanfuckingnomenal, if you needed a reason to love MIW even more, it is this track.

Tracks five and six ‘Legacy’ and ‘ Undead Ahead 2: The Tale Of The Midnight Ride’, while not as stand out like their counterparts, they both have bright and shiny parts that are worth a listen. ‘Holding Onto Smoke’, track seven, starts off sludgy, almost murky in its intentions, then blossoms into an emo lovers dream. ‘Another Life caught me by surprise. with its passive-aggressive intro bleeding into a jaggedly soul-crushing elegy. I am generally immune to catching feels from songs like this, unfortunately, this song hit me right in my little black heart. Beautifully crafted lyrically, paired with the sorrowful delivery of the lyrics by Chris makes this track repeat worthy. ‘ Broadcasting From Beyond The Grave: Death Inc’, track nine, brings the album back to the tasty emo-techno feel that brought MIW into the limelight. The second to last track, ‘Brand New Numb’ is a fun, almost pop-bubblegum goth track. This track is noteworthy just because it shows that MIW has not lost its wonderful tongue in cheek attitude towards songwriting. The final track, ‘Catharsis’, wraps the album up in relatable little coffin of meaningful lyrics.

Full disclosure, I had never really listened to Motionless in White until I was assigned this album. I can honestly say that I am now a fan. Chris Motionless and his bandmates have tapped into the elusive fountain of creativity, and they show no signs of changing their formula for success. This album is a must-have, plain and simple.

7 / 10