Mord’A’Stigmata – Hope

I am very picky about my Black Metal. Most of it, to me, sounds like it was recorded in a concrete basement or dungeon somewhere. I understand that it is supposed to make it sound dark, mysterious, and demonic, to sound, almost as if it was recorded during a Satanic ritual…

Mord’A’Stigmata’s newest album Hope (Pagan) hits all those keys elements to the classic Black Metal sound but takes it to a professional level. The guitars recorded by Static are crisp and clear so you can hear every dark melodic stroke, he also recorded the bass that rattles deep down in your core, and you can catch every tempo change with how well SicKill’s drums come through.

The best part, though, is the vocals. You can understand every word of this album with demonic clarity. There have been many times I have listened to other Black Metal albums and I am finding myself loving only the music because I can never understand the lyrics, but on this album Ana has quickly became my personal favorite in the genre. Every member of this band brings it on this album, showing that thirteen years in the business has only strengthened this band and they have not hit the peak of their talent thus far.

Hope is the fourth album released by the Polish band since Überrealistic (Lilith) which came out back in December 2008. It is a four track album that delivers everything you are looking for in the genre. I know four tracks may seem short, but at an average of about twelve minutes per song, this album transports you to multiple levels of hell. Mixing heavy breakdowns, fast drumming, breakneck tempos, melodic passages and unworldly lyrics, it’s almost like listening to a new album every time as there’s plenty to notice. Check out Hope. You will not be disappointed.