ALBUM REVIEW: Massive Wagons – House of Noise

Massive Wagons‘ fifth album House of Noise (Earache Records) delivers unabashedly old fashioned Rock n Roll with lashings of riffs, hooks, and humour that will put a smile on anyone’s face. It builds on their fourth album, and Earache debut, Full Nelson by doing more of the same, but bigger and better. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix.

Their Status Quo, Slade, and The Darkness influences are writ large, and with the stellar production, boundless energy, and infectious choruses it makes for wonderfully heady results. ‘In It Together’ sets the tone – an anthemic slice of big riffed Rock The Wildhearts would be proud of. Single ‘Bangin’ in Your Stereo’, despite its similarities to Green Day‘s ‘Know Your Enemy’, is a much-welcomed earworm sporting a lego music video with cameos from Darth Vader, Superman and… Noddy Holder. The sweetest harmonies belong to ‘Glorious’, an ode to over-eager keyboard warrior fans everywhere, with its soaring chorus and lovely Thin Lizzy-esque dual guitar work midway.

The best of the humour is definitely ‘The Curry Song’, a track about – yep you guessed it – curry. It will go down an absolute treat live with its foot-tapping groove and call and response chants – “I say Rogan you say Josh”. Not far behind is ‘Hallescrewya’, a bombastic intro leads you to a two-fingered salute to people who leave gigs early. “Since a label got involved they’re losing direction” blurts frontman Bazz Mills in the hard-rocking ‘Pressure’, a witty jibe against critics and cynical fans. The heaviest track here is the angry ‘Professional Creep’, with some frenetic guitars and Alex Thistlethwaite‘s powerhouse drumming throughout.


With House of Noise Massive Wagons gives us more old school rock n roll with hooks in abundance, plenty of wit and sky-high energy levels – and you cannot help but like it. Now if you do not mind I am off to get an ice old Tiger and a bhuna.


8 / 10