ALBUM REVIEW: Mark Tremonti – Tremonti Sings Sinatra


Mark Tremonti has cemented himself as one of the staple musicians within the hard-rock scene over the past 3 decades with Creed, Alter Bridge & his own project Tremonti. With this repertoire of music projects, this album is still probably the last thing anyone expected from the man. Covering the ageless classics from Frank Sinatra himself is Tremonti Sings Sinatra (NDSS).

Now, Tremonti could’ve left this project at that, a string of covers to flex his vocal reputation and to try something new. However, he went a step further by being joined by the surviving members of Sinatra’s orchestra, which just adds that element of authenticity to the piece. All of this project directly contributes towards the National Down Syndrome Society.


Those who know Tremonti’s vocal style would be wondering how the man would be able to slow down for these easy listening epics. To cut a long answer short, he nails it.

There is no sense of over-doing it, no element of the vocalist trying to outsing his predecessor. This is evident from the opening track ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’, as Tremonti so effortlessly fills Sinatra’s shoes. Rather than being the centre stage of the piece, Mark acts as part of the grander scheme, one cog in a machine in the orchestra.

As any seasoned cover artist will tell you, the highly acclaimed ‘My Way’ is a tough one to master. Not to be overdone in the long held notes, but not one to shy away from displaying your range. As mentioned before, Tremonti does not try to show off or flaunt his vocal skills, but works with the orchestra finding the right fit for the instruments available. When it came to the main held note, however, Tremonti clearly gives it his all and it works so much for the better.


For a former member of post-grunge act, Creed, this voyage into the past was the last thing anyone expected from Mark Tremonti, but as the idiom goes, “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained” and Mark Tremonti clearly has soared on this album. Regardless of this being an older and more traditional style of music, going past a comfort zone for Tremonti, he shows how much can done for trying new things.


Not only a resounding success, but all for a good cause as well.

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8 / 10