ALBUM REVIEW: Liquid Tension Experiment – LT3

It’s been twenty-two years since Liquid Tension Experiment, the Progressive Metal supergroup formed by Mike Portnoy (Transatlantic, The Winery Dogs) John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), and Tony Levin (King Crimson), released a record after their critically acclaimed album Liquid Tension 2 (Magna Carta). In this new album entitled LT3 (InsideOut Music) these musicians prove once again why they are part of the biggest bands in the genre and why they are considered to be among the best in their respective instruments and their craft.

The album starts with the track ‘Hypersonic’ which brings a cacophony of notes from the beginning to end that will remind you of the old Liquid Tension days where it was all about showing dexterity in the instruments and push the sonic and physical boundaries, and that particularly last thought it’s what is impressive about this album. Seems like they haven’t aged a bit and they’re just as sharp as they have ever been playing music with extreme complexity.

The track ‘Liquid Evolution’ is a very enjoyable track, probably my favorite, since it brings a very jazzy side of the band, particularly with Levin’s mastery of the bass.

This is an album that will please old-school fans of this project since it doesn’t fall apart from the style that Liquid Tension has presented in their first two efforts. However, for fans of the new wave of Progressive Metal and/or Progressive Rock, it may seem a bit monotonous since the songs are on the long side of time and, since it is an instrumental album, its focus is driven towards the mastery of each of the member’s instrument and it can lack a bit of a songwriting structure that can evoke some other feeling rather than the admiration towards the talent that each of these legends portrays in these songs.


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7 / 10