King – Reclaim The Darkness

King Reclaim The Darkness cover ghostcultmag


King are an Australian melodic blackened metal trio consisting of David Hill, Tony Forde and David Haley, with Hill and Forde previously being band mates in goregrind band The Day Everything Became Nothing. Their debut album Reclaim The Darkness (Indie Recordings) was recorded over a two-year span, with a great attention to detail throughout the process. Combine that with the talent involved has resulted in one of the best albums of 2016.

Thematically, this album tells tales of an older world, one forged by gods and walked by giants, filled with bleak battles and never-ending winters, as well as the wonders of time and space. This album has quite a lot of different themes at play, and all of them fit the metal genre perfectly, and combined with the atmospheric sound this album provides for the listener, it’s extremely easy to get lost in the experience. Combined with the rather catchy nature of these songs, this is certainly not an album you listen to once, and never come back to.

From the moment this album begins, you will be amazed this is a band’s début album. Everything is so impeccably performed and produced that you would assume this band has been around since the 90’s and this is their eighth album. Every single member is absolutely incredible on this album, from Forde’s dynamic and throat tearing vocals, Hills shredding yet melodic guitars, and Haley’s pounding drums. It’s clear that despite this being their first album together, they are all very experienced musicians.

There really isn’t much to not love about this album. It’s simply an incredible album from top to bottom with no weaknesses in sight. If you are a fan of this genre of music, this album is essential listening for 2016. It is proof that hard work will pay off in the end, and is a certain AOTY contender.



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