ALBUM REVIEW: Kill Division – Peace Through Tyranny

I’ve been a huge Transformers fan since the original 1980s cartoon and toy line (yes, I’m old). So when I was sent Kill Division’s debut album, Peace Through Tyranny (Redefining Darkness Records), Megatron’s quote line from the original action figure, I was instantly intrigued.

My excitement only grew after listening to the first couple of tracks with its early 1990s grind sound. The guitars are fast and furious but still have plenty of killer grooves from time to time, the vocals are sick and on point and the drumming is just pure pummeling insanity!


Not too surprising, Kill Division is made up of a group of some extreme metal’s best musicians. Gus Rios (Gruesome) is on guitar, Kyle Symons (Malevolent Creation) vocals, Jeramie Kling (Inhuman Condition) bass and Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth/Bent Sea/ex-Soilwork) drums. That’s the kind of pedigree that would make the Westminster Dog Show blush.


In the truest of grind terms all eleven tracks on this album are a total bombardment that go straight through the chest. “Thin out the Heard”, is a standout track with vicious vocals and plenty of head banging worthy riffs. The sound bites from talking heads during the pandemic are a nice touch.

The title track, ”Peace Through Tyranny”, is just as cool as I hoped it would be. It’s a punishing banger about battling robots from outer space. What’s cooler than that? The chant “All Hail Megatron!” towards the end of the song left me wanting to rewatch the classic 1986 animated Transformers film.


Sure there is no new ground covered here. Nothing has really been improved on. It’s your standard early 90’s era grind. But damn it’s fun.

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