ALBUM REVIEW: Kamchatka – Hoodoo Lightning 

GC might have already released it’s End of Year list, but that doesn’t mean the machine stops rolling. There’s always more to review. And Swedish stoner trio Kamchatka have dropped Hoodoo Lightning (Border Music) as a last-minute Christmas present for those who dig the late-60s and 70s.

Sweden just seems to have an endless affinity for retro rock, and with their 7th album Kamchatka deliver a solid 10 songs of classic bluesy rock with warm retro vibes. There’s strong Deep Purple/Dio-era Rainbow vibes with a more than a few healthy nods to Cream and Hendrix. While there’s the plethora of bands occupying similar space, Kamchatka are bluesier and more upbeat than the likes of Graveyard, but lighter on the fuzzy desert rock than the likes of Truckfighters, and is the kind of rock you could get your dad into.

From the opening one-two punch of ‘Blue Science’ parts I & II there’s plenty of groove, and a familiar authenticity about what they do. There’s a nice analogue feel, especially on the solos, that adds to that feeling that this is was pulled right out of time capsule.

‘Fool’ has a confident swagger about it, while the stomping ‘Rainbow Ridge’ has a hard to resist boogie about it. ‘Supersonic Universe’ focuses on polished melody and feels like a radio-single and doesn’t quite it the right spot by comparison.

Thankfully, Hoodoo Lightning improves as the record goes on; the bluesy-groove of ‘Monster’ is probably one of the album highlights and is followed by the AC/DC-inspired rocker ‘Let It Roll’, while both ‘Stay In the Wind’ and ‘A Drifter’s Tale’

In a busy scene, Kamchatka delivers a solid record with plenty of confident swagger. There’s little here to really set them apart from the crowd, but it’s safe to say they sound like they’d kick ass in a dingy dive bar somewhere and you could do far worse if you’re crazing a satisfying rock and roller record.

7 / 10