ALBUM REVIEW: Kadavar – For the Dead Travel Fast

It’s finally October so let’s get spoopy this month with Kadavar’sFor the Dead Travel Fast (Nuclear Blast) while we try to figure out our costumes.

If your childhood was like mine, you spent a lot of weekends listening to 70’s tunes with your dad or some other father figure with a large mustache. ‘Evil Forces’ brings me right back into that same headspace. It has less of the campy Halloween vibes when compared to the rest of the album but that’s exactly what I like about it. It’s a solid track that you can sing along with and rock out to.

‘Dancing with the Dead’ is 100% that campy Halloween goodness that we need this season. Will it replace Bobby Pickett’s‘Monster Mash’? No, that song is perfect and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. Threats aside, this fun little number deserves a spot on your themed playlists. Add some dry ice and string lights for effect and you’ve got the makings of a party.

I struggled with ‘Poison’. As you first start to listen to it, things sound fine but the song never really progressed for me. It goes on longer than necessary and just pulled me out of my head. I found that it disrupted the psychedelic Halloween concept that surrounds For the Dead Travel Fast as a whole. The subsequent ‘Demons in My Mind’ dissolves the somewhat whiny tone of ‘Poison’ and gets the psych train back on the rails.

For the Dead Travel Fast isn’t a groundbreaking release but it’s a solid addition to Kadavar’s existing catalog. Catch them on their upcoming tour with Ruby the Hatchet, I’ll see you in MA!

7.0 / 10