InVisions – Never Nothing

Is head banging your thing? Alright, then keep reading, because I’ve got the perfect album for you.

InVisions is terribly similar to so many popular hardcore/Metalcore bands it’s ridiculous. However, the undeniable truth is that each track from their newest self-released album – Never Nothing – has a little something-something that forcefully welcomes you into a jam sesh filled with passionate lyric butchering and head banging action. So, yeah, you’ll have fun with this one!

Starting out back in January 2016, Ben Ville (vocals) had decided to approach Lucas Gabb (guitar) about starting a new project. They then decided to recruit Alex Scott (also on guitar) and booked a studio session for their debut single within a week! Impressively determined to say the least. Drummer Josh Hardy joined up with the group after an introduction from the band’s producers at Innersound Studios, Sam and Joe Graves.

Lucas shared his excitement regarding their newest album in a recent interview – “I’m super hyped! We started work on the album straight after recording our first single Unbreakable in early 2016 so it’s going to be dope to finally see what everyone thinks. Expect a lot of heavy, a lot of attitudes and a fair bit of variety within the album!” Just as promised, we’ve received all three.

The album is fast, loud, emotional, and everything one who needs a good scream could hope for. From the deep intensity that radiates from the vocals to the speedy craze of instruments, you’ll find yourself in a whirlwind of “what the fuck” and you’ll be absolutely stoked about it.

InVisions has accomplished exactly what they desired via Never Nothing. However, it’s not enough to say if I were looking through a pile of CD’s and came across the album I’d put it on right away. More like if it came on the radio, regardless of what mood I’m in, I’d be pretty stoked and certainly wouldn’t change the station.