InVisions – Between You & Me

York natives, InVisions are Metal. InVisions are Hardcore. InVisions are outright heavy and they are coming into this year with a blistering sophomore record, Between You & Me (Stay Sick Recordings). While they may possess those familiar tendencies that are all too similar with a host of core bands throughout the scene, they are keeping things consistent with some pleasing tracks along the way—their own way.

‘Good For Nothing’ sets the tone for the album, and that tone is violently heavy. It starts out dense with a symphonic background and devilish growls, while the balance is in the catchy chorus with lead vocalist Ben Ville’s softer tones carrying the song into a fiery breakdown. The melody carries over to the second track ‘Too Far Gone.’

Ville gives it his all with schizophrenic vocals ranging with monstrous growls and emotional notes. His range is impressive and the different techniques are placed well in the record. The way the vocal levels are paired in ‘Worlds Away’ grabs your attention—especially as it is paired with the heavy, speedy instrumentation. The musicianship that InVisions hones is evident on the clean production in ‘Follow Me’, the mixing in this album is superb as no element is overwhelming.

Guitarists Lucas Gabb and Alex Scott have created memorable breakdowns. Their guitar work is inspired by eighties Thrash and there is a taste of it in ‘Too Little, Too Late.’ Dynamic leads and imaginative scales like in headbanger ‘Memoriam’ and the hyperactive ‘Down Out’ showcase their potential. The energy is kept pretty heavy as Josh Hardy blasts away behind the drums on ‘Dead To Me’ and ‘LifeLost.’

InVisions carries the same style throughout the album, but the programming subtly blends in with the instrumentation like in ‘Heretic.’ ‘Destined To Fall’ ends on a strong note with Gabb and Scott again coming hard with the guitar riffs. But it’s the overall harmony on this track that concludes a rather consistent album on a higher note.

Although a similar style is carried throughout, Between You & Me is strong and InVisions keep listeners on their toes with surprises throughout this record that makes it enjoyable.

7 / 10