ALBUM REVIEW: Infex – Burning In Exile

If you are missing some new Thrash Metal then I would gladly invite you to give the new album from Bay Area Thrashers Infex a listen. I came into this review with no idea at all who Infex was, but now I know! This album is in a word, thrashtastic. I love to write about a band that’s all about riffage and crafting around said riff. This album took me back to when I was playing in a “Threath band” (thrash/death metal), a term coined by my former singer.

Not to detract from the technique but this album to me personally shows how we can just be true to the riff and the groove and really create some cool shit. The sonic twists are true to form, which to me personally, brings a groovy comfort zone. I mean sometimes you don’t wanna get thrown for a loop and just wanna follow the jam you know is coming. With that being said don’t get too comfortable because Infex is gunna throw ya for a loop at least a couple times.

Their style is definitely old school and they kill it. Mixing in a little comedy with songs like “Beer Run” keeps things fun for listening people such as yours truly. But then you get hit with some real shit on the last cut “.7 62.” They even sprinkle in a little black metal on track like “Acid Reign.” I love the menacing harmonies the guitars pull off. And the solos aren’t stepping on toes, they are well thought out without coming off as forced. The drums are also good and not over the top. I always dig it when musicians are playing for the song and not showing off. I was a little thrown by the vocals at first. “Do they have two singers” I thought to myself, or is he switching up on us? However, after a couple of listens I dug it. I think it shows some cool versatility. I’ll definitely be spinning this album in the future.

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7 / 10