IKILLYA – War For An Idea

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once called music “the universal language of mankind,” and if you have paid any attention to the world lately, you’ve seen mankind in serious trouble. Enter New York’s IKILLYA. The band’s third full length album, War For An Idea, sees the band firing on all cylinders musically, and taking on every problem they see around them lyrically. From terrorism to religion, to cultural justification of rape, to racism, this record confronts it all in a way that will open your eyes, and get conversations started. You may not like everything that vocalist Jason Lekberg screams out, but his voice won’t be silenced. Add in the staggering assault of musicianship behind him, and this becomes one of the must own records of 2017.

War For An Idea is not just IKILLYA‘s best record to date, but it’s also a sign of brighter things to come. This is their first album to feature guitarist Eric Jackson, and bassist Rob Broderick, and they have obviously affected the band’s sound immensely. The riffs are faster, the solos are more precise, and the transitions are masterfully cleaner. Honestly, it almost sounds like a whole new band. The melodic side of IKILLYA is still evident in some tracks, but the overall record is filled with some of the heaviest material this group has ever written. Just listen to the ‘Your God’, ‘Every Man For Himself’ and ‘Betray Your Creator’ singles they’ve posted online, and say I’m wrong. You can’t.

So do I recommend picking up War For An Idea? Without a doubt. I’ve seen this band grow so much over the past few years, and from the moment I heard some of the new material in Jason’s car, I knew this record would be special. Now that I’ve had my own copy for a few months, I was absolutely right. IKILLYA has delivered on every level with this record, and it couldn’t have come out at a more perfect time. This album is a pissed off, and thunderous call to the world to stand up for what you believe in, and take on the evil around you. If that’s what you’re into, let War For An Idea be your guide.

Rating: 8.5/10

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