ALBUM REVIEW: I Prevail – True Power


I Prevail, when they revealed themselves to the world with their breakout Taylor Swift cover, could only be described as bursting onto the scene. Since then the post-hardcore group has become one of the most exciting bands out today. Smashing out more hits in two albums than some bands accomplish in their whole career. In their last release Trauma, the band delved into different external influences bringing rapping into their songwriting, will True Power carry on this trend?

After a brief interlude introductory passage, the band hit the ground running with ‘There’s Fear in Letting Go’. Just to acknowledge the elephant in the room, as with most albums in the scene, there’s a clear influence running through the music from notorious band Bring Me The Horizon, the synths harmonising with, and clashing against the raw drumbeat and guitar rhythms. Clean vocalist, Brian Burkheiser takes clear advantage of the chorus to display his powerful voice for the anthemic chorus. There is no doubt this music is built for big venues & festival performances.


Five tracks in and you’ll reach arguably I Prevail’s biggest song to date: ‘Bad Things’. Armed with a catchy chorus, similar to the likes of Silverstein’s ‘Bad Habits’ and featuring their best rapping vocal section. Expect this song to be played ad nauseum at your local alternative club, because this song is going to be big.

It’s not all fast paced for the band on True Power, In closing tracks, ‘Doomed’ & ‘Deep End’, the band shows a slower more intimate side to the band not as clearly pronounced in their earlier material. Centering around mental health. Specifically in ‘Deep End’, Burkheiser croons “I find the air is thin and I’m against the wind with each mountain left that I climb”. Focusing on pushing through the deep end of the bad situation you’re in.


I Prevail have shown themselves to be going from strength to strength, and from clubs to academies. With the right momentum (and finally playing their UK tour), the band has the potential to be the next big alternative act in the scene. It’s clear they have the ability, time will tell where they will rise to next.


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8 / 10