Hundred Suns – The Prestaliis

Since 2013, these driven musicians have been determined to create something genuinely different, something that can stand out amongst every other “competing” track you might come across in the music industry and Hundred SunsThe Prestaliis (New Damage) has undeniable potential. The brand new three-piece consists of warmly familiar faces from bands Norma Jean, Dead and Divine and Every Time I Die. You’ve got Cory Brandan on vocals, Chris LeMasters on guitar and Ryan Leger on the drums – a concoction of highly skilled musicians.

After the release of the band’s 2016 début, single ‘Fractional’ Hundred Suns raised $20,000 to record their newest album in a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign. And, here’s the thing – the first song of the album ‘The Prestaliis’ absolutely blew me away – the tempo was something totally out of this world, and to say they achieved their goals of wanting to create something “out of the box” and extraordinarily unique would be the finest example of an understatement.


However, nearly every track that followed became increasingly disappointing. You can tell what they’re trying to accomplish – something bold, something brave, something different – though it’s almost painful to listen to because you often hear them almost reach that goal of genuity, then it just doesn’t happen.

Overall, it’s not a terrible album, though. Amongst it all, there are flashes of epic heaviness and some brilliant little quirks that make the album something that could have been extraordinary. Unfortunately, however, it ended up simply being average. Songs like ‘The Prestaliis’ and ‘December’ show that whatever future album Hundred Suns decides to produce should increase in impressiveness and authenticity. I can’t confidently say that these are enough to save the album in its entirety. There’s hope, though!