Health – Vol. 4 :: Slaves Of Fear

If you’ve been following the career of famed electronic/experimental/whatever powerhouse Health, then you’re probably already impatiently awaiting their next release. Their sound is unmatched by really anyone else, and at least in my opinion, they’ve never really made a bad record.

Vol. 4 :: Slaves Of Fear, (Loma Vista), is definitely no exception to that. First of all, there’s the name, a definite nod to Black Sabbath, which made this Metal nerd very happy. Between that and Future recently releasing a record called The WIZRD, I’m geeking out.

What’s even more important, the music, definitely also measures up to previous releases. Like previous albums, the titles are in all caps, and almost every song is a stand-out because it is both catchy and heavy. Some fans may be a little disappointed that the record feels slightly Poppier than previous efforts. It feels that they are drawing more inspiration from contemporaries and collaborators Purity Ring than they are from the heavier stuff. But as a fan of both groups and someone who appreciates the lighter side of things as well, this record still really holds up.

Some standout tracks are ‘Feel Nothing’, which might just be the heaviest, most unrelenting banger on the record, and ‘Rat Wars’ which is just weird and cool. This record is definitely the perfect soundtrack for chilling, driving fast, or the weird, alt Goth dance club. Enjoy!

7 / 10