Hath – Of Rot and Ruin

Hailing from the unsuspecting state of New Jersey, Hath is a young Metal act that is blossoming. The band stunned the scene in 2015 when they released their EP, Hive with its modern, Blackened Metal excellence. Now, this budding band is getting ready to release their first full-length record, Of Rot and Ruin (Willowtip Records) and is taking their vibrant heaviness to a whole new level.

The opening song, ‘Usurpation’ creeps in with an eerie bell slowing ringing, but is quickly interrupted when chaos and evil are unleashed. The listener is hit hard with the speed and efficiency from drummer AJ Viana’s blast beats. The band manufactures an intensity and outrage that creativity captivates. Their sinister sound gives a confident anger to each track. The ominous vocals from Frank Albanese and GregNottis procure brawn and brutality. On numbers like ‘Currents’ and ‘Worlds Within’ the chug and industrial relentlessness from guitarists Albaneseand Peter Brown penetrate the ears with pleasure. Each member of this quartet delivers unrestrained ability and precision.

The third track, ‘Rituals’ glorifies gothic grooves with Nottisstriking at the bass with deliberate force. The intricate instrumental intervals on most of the songs add a rich, dark, and haunting flavor to the overall album. Their weighty and unique use of melody gets under the skin, providing profound power. You can certainly hear Black Metal classics in their sound like Emperor, but their more contemporary creativity reminds you of Behemoth and Goatwhore.

Each song has succulent sections full of Melodeath madness. The album is drenched in an authentic and raw production that conveys a very real, aggressive feel. There is a rare, energetic urgency and intriguing fluidity to their sound that makes each one of their pieces epically dynamic.

Hath is blooming into a new era of Black Metal with a smart, satisfying and severe sound.

8 / 10