Halcyon Days – Rain Soaked Pavements & Fresh Cut Grass


If you haven’t heard of Halcyon Daysand you are a melodic metalcore fan, add them to your playlists and give them a follow. The Oslo natives resemble Architects and Underoath and were coined as one of the most promising bands of the last few years after releasing their debut Elevate in 2014. The band has slowly gained momentum throughout Norway since releasing their self-titled EP in 2016 and they are ready to make your summer that more melodic with Rain Soaked Pavements & Fresh Cut Grass (Indie Recordings).

Fragments’ opens the album with grittiness from vocalist, Robbe Madsencreating a balanced aura from his intense growls and pristine harmonies. Their first single of the album, ‘July’ has the touches of a post-Metal element that creates the nostalgic feel that is found throughout the album, ‘Keeper’ has hooks that pull you right in, with a chorus that is hard to forget, and the hymnal rhythm of ‘Cerca Trova’ leaves a lasting impression, though the bass and the drums drown in the background, which is a reoccurring theme – as you dive in deeper, you want these songs to have a more powerful percussion section. ‘Catcher’ and ‘Monument’, two of best tracks of the album, are distinguished by the prevalent rhythmic changes instigated by guitarists Andre Sorensen and Ulrik Linstad.

However, this is an album primarily driven by emotion. And a lot of emotion is evident with ‘In Memoriam’ as the tempo is turned up by a heavy chorus and Daniel Lorentsen’s backing vocals. The melancholic structure makes this project that much more compelling and ‘Friendship’ closes the album well, an emotionally executed instrumental post-Hardcore tune. The song drags you down and the lyrics are a little clichéd, but Metalcore albums are never perfect.

With such a short career, Halcyon Days is approaching the genre with heaviness and a whirlwind of melodies that is reminiscent of the metalcore bands of the 00’s. Although not the best Metalcore release of the year, Rain Soaked Pavements & Fresh Cut Grass is an album that keeps you entertained from start to finish as harmonies intertwine—creating a catchy and memorable album.