Gygax – High Fantasy

Back at it with their third album titled High Fantasy, Ventura California’s Gygax rolls in with a vengeance, courtesy of Creator-Destructor records. Gygax continues to create songs that sound both classic and modern. Recorded at The Captains Quarters with Armand Tambouris, he managed to capture the raw spirit of the band.

The twin harmonies of Wes (Wizard) and Bryant (Fighter) start off the album and all throughout and never once feel overused. One of my highlights on here is ‘Mage Lust’. It’s just a good fast driving hard rocking grooving tune. Vocalist and bassist Eric (Cleric) just pops all over ‘Mirror Image’. ‘Acquisition, Magnus Canis’ is a jazzy beast with a horn section from Bryant and Eric, giving this instrumental an old Soul Music feel. There’s also a mini drum solo from Mucho.

The artwork from Fares Maese, who also did the artwork for their last album 2nd Edition, solidifies this package. I want the vinyl edition of this hanging on my wall. There isn’t one bad track on this album. This is one of the most re-playable albums of the year, despite the fact that they didn’t name this opus Mazes and Monsters after the classic Television movie starring Tom Hanks. Such a missed opportunity. Maybe next album!

8 / 10