Gozu – Revival

Gozu- Revival – Ripple Music ghostcultmag

Stoner rock boys Gozu has a new album out. It’s called Revival (Ripple Music) and it’s a belter. The Boston unit’s third album sees them continue to ply the same brand of muscular stoner-meets-grunge riffs and melodic vocals they’ve been honing since 2009. But the songs are tighter, the riffs bigger, and the quality vocals are allowed to take center stage.

From the battering ‘Nature Boy’ to the grungy ‘Bubble Time’ and slow groove of ‘Oldie’’ Revival rarely has a note out of place. The guitar work, courtesy of Marc Gaffney and Doug Sherman, stretch from almost Black Label Society-esque shredding to Josh Homme levels of fuzziness. The ability to blend both extremes into one record is one of the things that make the album so enjoyable.


At their best, Gozu sound like Kyuss fronted by Chris Cornell. Marc Gaffney’s turn in front of the mic gives an already quality band that extra edge. From the bluesy ‘Dee Dee McCall’ to the swampy but stadium size ‘Big Casino’ and even the slow jam outro of ‘Tin Chicken’; Gozu know how to craft a great song and fill it with catchy riffs and big solos.

From start to finish, Revival is brimming with energy and a stash of riffs. One of the best stoner albums of the year.




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