ALBUM REVIEW: Gorgatron – Pathogenic Automation

While the world continues to try and resume some sense of normalcy, the world of extreme music continues to grind through what a terrible year 2020 has become. Gorgatron, deathgrind vets from Fargo (don’t cha know?), have dropped their third grimy release on this Earth in the form of Pathogenic Automation (Self-Released). The record does a great job of smashing your skull into obscurity over a forty-minute period but without overkill causing any harm to itself. Trying to save yourself from blowing your neck out is futile as there are no moments to catch your breath across the entire recording.

Usurpation’ is the second track in and really is the point of no return. The guitar riffs up until this point are so groovy and catchy but do not linger too long. A breakdown with solo work comes over the top in the outro that is the whipped topping on a sundae of brutality. ‘Insurmountable’ is not only a great track on Pathogenic Automation, but it is also a great title that also describes the chances of not having a headache after slamming to this record. One of my favorite bits of this track is the old school vibe the guitars incorporate that reminds me of a place where some green goo happens to reside. The final, and longest track at six and a half minutes, ‘Pierced from All Angles’, certainly sounds like it was named appropriately for a shout out to a similarly named track from a legendary death metal band. One big stand out point is at about three minutes in, there is an instrumental, and dare I say atmospheric, instrumental break which is certainly not characteristic for the first 95% of the record. Fear not, the last minute and a half finishes off strong to leave a lasting impression.

Gorgatron were certainly not on my radar for anticipated releases this year and it was a pleasant surprise getting handed such a treat. In this current time in history, I find I am flowing into the “doom and gloom” type of heavy music and not giving death metal its deserved attention. Pathogenic Automation was a smack to my face for making such a grave mistake. Having said that, it was warmly received and welcomed.