Goldfinger – The Knife

Goldfinger has returned with their first new material for nine years. Titled  The Knife, (Rise Records), their newest opus is an interesting listen for old fans and casual listeners alike. It’s a bit of a mash-up of pop-punk, Ska, and Rock n’ Roll. It’s a lighthearted fun album to listen to; a very California sounding record that evokes beach and waves and even a hint of Sharknado! Goldfinger’s The Knife is poppish; meaning, it’s very easy to listen to. 

‘Am I Deaf’ is a song that really resonates with me, in some ways. It’s three minutes of pontificating about the state of music whilst being an old fogey. “Who gives a damn about the songs you are playing? Just sayin’. Sometimes I feel so old yeah, am I deaf or am I just a little left of what they’re listening to today….”

I felt a little left whilst listening to the lyrics Goldfinger employ. They don’t touch me or move me. It’s happy banality.

Being a long time ska and punk lover, I can say there is no originality on the album. Everything is a by-numbers composition. Goldfinger knows what their core audience wants and serves it to them on a silver platter; both the ska and punk elements are prettied up. Happy and fun are the best words I can use to describe The Knife. If you are looking for light-hearted, daft, beach music, Goldfinger’s The Knife is the perfect earworm, but nothing more than that.