Fuzz Evil – Fuzz Evil


Hailing from Sierra Vista, Arizona are Fuzz Evil, formed in 2014 by Wayne (guitar/vocals) and Joseph Rudell (bass/vocals) whose previous band was the wonderfully named Powdered Wig Machine, with Marlin Tuttle on drums rounding off the trio. This Fuzz Evil’s self titled début came out last month on Battleground Records and it is a loud blast of punk energy, with a wonderfully colourful and psychedelic front cover that the Blues Pills would be proud of.

The sound is as fuzzy as their name suggests, as this brief 6 track album assaults you with a dense wall of riffery. 70’s era punk is the game, with similar production values and in your face attitude of Iggy and the Stooges, with the head bopping charms of ‘My Fuzz’ making themselves known instantaneously. They have a Ramones like knack for simple but effective numbers, like the swift ‘Killing in the Sun’ and ‘Bad Medicine’. Some rather nice, energetic guitar solos even manage to break through the thick, sludgy rock as well – especially in the latter song. A nice crisp drum intro leads you into the jolly swagger of ‘Break Them Through’, which rather perversely reminds me of the Spencer Davis Group’s ‘Gimme Some Lovin’.

As well as punk, there is a heavy stoner vibe running through the album, with the ponderous pace and warnings not to “mess with the dragon or his king” of final track ‘Black Dread’ coming to mind. The pounding wall of riffs and the driving beat does not let up and that grows wearisome after a while, so the album’s brief 29 minute running time is welcomed. Variety might not be the spice of their life, but Fuzz Evil is a cocksure blast of punk rock.