Fury – Failed Entertainment

I remember hearing Fury for the first time way back when in the dark recesses of time, well 2016 to be exact, look I’m getting old and it all gets a bit blurry, ok!?! Anyway, their debut record Paramount (Triple B Records) was released to little fanfare but quickly grew in popularity in underground circles. Sophomore release Failed Entertainment (Run For Cover Records) is here and to say that it’s long-awaited would be an understatement. Way more outlets are now looking at Fury as a band to watch out for this year.

Some songs have a way slower more deliberate pacer to them, much different than the songs on the debut. This allows for way more dynamics in the songwriting, I was getting constant vibes of old school Cancer Bats mainly because of the mid-tempo tracks like ‘Mono No Aware’ and ‘Vacation’ with the more metallic edges of the band becoming clearer.

What I absolutely love about this band though is the sound and how it perfectly embodies their moniker. Every single track is bristling with energy, each riff is crunchier than the last and on top of that is a thick layer of crusty punk goodness. Whilst there is more catchiness to the songs there is also a marked upturn in the progressive nature of the songwriting.

In no small part, this is down to the range of lead vocalist Jeremy Stith, the pipes on this man are outstanding I can’t remember the last time I was taken aback by a vocal performance like this. At times bordering on unhinged but he seems to be able to change on a dime.

Clearly relishing in the scope, it gives them, the music is varied but never loses the drive and power. ‘Goodtime, America’ and ‘Lost In The Funhouse’ sound like cuts from the debut but passed through a mixer of something entirely different. There’s a distinct whiff of Amen in the off the rails moments too, unhinged and focused is a best as I can describe it.

‘Birds in Paradise’ is already in my top three songs of the year, the song appears to be in a cage banging against the bars and then when set free the speed, ferocity washes over you as if a lake of lava has just burst its bank. Fury has made as good a hardcore album you will probably hear this year, a classic sound is once again revitalized by a band sonically on the edge of something special.

8 /10