ALBUM REVIEW: Eximperitus – Šahrartu

The peculiarity of Technical Death Metal is the capability of exploring itself, yet creativity begins to fade when there’s a vast repertoire of bands of this kind, which have made history on the underground’s music scene. Certain musical groups stick to follow a simple and uncomplicated path, keeping a comparable sound with many other bands that continue to perform in this genre. Let us consider the huge waves of Technical Death Metal in the eighties and in the nineties and how it reinvented itself to the present day. Bands such as Suffocation and Gorguts trace Technical Death Metal’s status as a whole, releasing records and records without losing its own legendary position, carrying bloody and filthy anthems for dozens of years.

Eximperitus, also named Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxułum, they have chosen the right path, the path of identity, authenticity and, most importantly, they applied the precise formula on their second full-length: Šahrartu (Willowtip Records) is both the occult and mysticism apotheosis without fearing its advocacy. It’s a challenging, mathematical, and unsettling record, reaching the conceptual cosmos.

Originally from Minsk, the capital of Belarus, since its long name, to the astonishing artwork created by Pär Olofsson, until the chaos of its logo, assumes the originality and divergency towards every other band of this species. And it’s not just for the reasons aforementioned that Eximperitus has set tongues wagging. There’s a whole perfectionism and maturation, comparing to their first full-length Projecting the Singular Emission of the Doctrine Of Absolute And All-Absorbing Evil…(Rotten Roll Rex) that has been achieved with distinction.

Before the dissection of Šahrartu, the symbolism that fills the album to the brim is pretty straightforward, but difficult to demystify. As the band referred on their Facebook page, “…the conceptual constituent of the album it is a representing a side analysis of Existence phenomenology as well as a gradual cycle of Birth-Death”.

The six songs presented on the album are, in fact, 6 rituals where double bass drumming, combined with light speed shredding and brutal vocals deliver ferocious and vicious technical death metal at its peak. The blood-thirsty pace and the wall of noise felt from the first song, ‘Šahrartu’ until the penultimate tune ‘Inqirad’, finds its consolation and stillness with ‘Riqutu’, the last song of the album. The top tracks include ‘Uptada’, ‘Anhutu’ and ‘Inqirad’.

The album flows in an interesting way. The intersections of genres such as Death Doom and Prog Rock create a stimulating hearing track by track. If you’re not familiarized with Eximperitus, make sure you follow my advice and spin their record!


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8 / 10