ALBUM REVIEW: Eruption – Tellurian Rupture

The early eighties Bay Area Thrash scene may be one of the most successful and influential metal scenes of all time. Their waves of influence are still felt today even in the far-off land of Slovenia.

Eruption has been creating and perfecting top-notch classic thrash tunes since its formation in 2004. Now with their fourth album, Tellurian Rupture (From The Vaults), the band is back with a more mature sound. With plenty of melodic and technical riffs and some epic power metal-inspired vocals, this is not a basic “retro thrash album.” Don’t get me wrong. I love the current revisitation of thrash metal going on today. However, with so many bands trying their hand at it, many bands often sound the same.


Fortunately, Eruption does not have this problem. Vocalist Klemen Kalin has an incredible range with an impactful epic/power metal style. His high pitched shrieks feel like early Maiden and Priest and add some great melody to the tracks. This along with his vocal hooks are just as strong as the guitars and are what really set Eruption’s sound apart from other bands in the genre. Just try to listen to ‘Coffin Bred’ and not sing along.


The music itself is not just your standard thrash fare. At times the songs come in at a blistering speed metal pace but there are plenty of melodic, technical and groove elements added to the riffs. Eruption isn’t afraid to bring the brutal either. ‘Maternal Foundry’ starts with a downturned brutal assault that puts off some serious Cannibal Corpse vibes.


This is a refreshing release that offers more than your standard thrash metal sound. Each track offers a little something different. At times it’s dark and plodding, other times it’s fast and angry or melodic and epic. This along with some impressive guitar work and songwriting makes this an interesting listen that breaks the mold.


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7 / 10