Epic Death- Witchcraft

Epic Death Witchraft album cover ghostcultmag

The last place you’d expect the seeds of evil to come from are the great southern state of Texas. But as the sun sets below the trees, and sinks for the night, a haunting melody creeps from the shadows. That melody belongs to none other than Epic Death. Their release Witchcraft (Self-Released) was produced by Stephen Bogle, and these guys aren’t just a bunch of knock offs from a Cradle of Filth clearance sale. They are the real deal.

From the depths of darkness ‘The Vendetta’ creeps like fog rolling through a cemetery and into your eardrums warning you not to turn out the lights. ‘Dragon’s Blood’ follows that up taking you on a mystical journey that only Epic Death can keep you safe during. Weaving its incantation of evil and black magic the solo from Nathan Chance on the title track ‘Witchcraft’ speaks in tongues.

‘Poison’ is a familiar yet original cover of Alice Cooper’s treasured track that does it more than justice. In ‘Screams from Valhalla’, the Vikings have returned their death march apparent in the opening moments of the track. As the thunder crackles, Becky Demona sends you to the ‘Eye of the Storm’ with her fingers weaving around the keys in dizzying spectacle. Lead vocalist Denis Dorsett puts some strain on his vocals, but it’s nice to hear something dark and melodic that you can understand the words to.

This album may be a little thin here then there, but it certainly doesn’t mislead from the band’s name as the journey is certainly one of Epic Death.




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