ALBUM REVIEW: Eight Bells- Landless

Eight Bells Landless album cover ghostcultmag

Eight Bells release their sophomore album Landless (Battleground Records/Tartarus Records) in time for Valentine’s Day and it is one that fans are sure to love. It is available in three different forms—vinyl, digital, and tape—to reach the maximum amount of music fans. As their nautical name alludes to, they are prepared to create great experimental metal no matter how stormy the seas.

The album may only be five tracks long but they are well-crafted. It feels longer in a good way. The experience is an immersive one and does not lead to one getting bored. Each track is unique but all of them work together to create a solid album.

With just the opener ‘Hating’ listeners are transported to a place where genre expectations cease to exist. ‘Hold My Breath’ is where the ladies really unleash the fury. The tune feels like a natural jam that ended up as a great arrangement. There are great growls as well as some a capella at the very end. ‘The Mortal’s Suite’ is the most haunting and entrancing track. It is appropriately named as it seems to come from the great beyond. It focuses more on the women’s vocal prowess than the other tracks and proves they can do it all.

Landless is an example of experimental metal done right. Rather than just being “out there”, the trio blends different subgenres with a great success rate. The group is on their way to setting a genre landmark if they cannot be considered already there. It is certainly a hell of a sophomore album and nowhere near a slump.

Eight Bells Done-8 Melina D Photography 2016 (9)

Eight Bells, by Melina D Photography