ALBUM REVIEW: Egregore – The Word Of His Law

If I ever have the misfortune of finding myself trapped alone at night in a haunted cathedral, I at least found a soundtrack to get me through the ordeal.

Dripping with blasphemy and reeking of sacrilege, Egregore have written the anthem with which proud Satanists can incantate.The Word Of His Law (20 Buck Spin) delivers six songs of heretical hellfire.

‘Howling Premonition’ is Luciferian through and through. The vocals sharp as steel, the drumming a waterfall of percussion. ‘Exfiltrating The Triangle’ features guitar notes that somehow actually sound frightening, giving the strings the power to instill fear.

As for ‘Reborn As The Word Of His Law,” the drums gallop in a way reminiscent of Genghis Khan’s cavalry, storming across the continent, refusing to lend mercy.

Not to be outdone, ‘Libidinization Of Will Azothic” begins with chilling whispered vocals followed by echoed choral singing. The overall feel of the song becomes very evil and threatening, as if continuing to listen to the album will bring harm to oneself and their family.

Appropriately enough, The Word… concludes in somber, introspective fashion. ‘An Address To Abraxas’ is slowed down and acoustic. Thus, the album finishes with not a forceful slam, but with an agonizingly tame putter.

In short, you could conceivably take a snippet from any of these songs, and it would fit perfectly as a WWE entrance theme for Anton LaVey. The Satanic aura only increases as the story progresses.

It’s not merely the volume of Egregore’s punishing delivery. Instead, it’s the feeling you get while listening. Not only chills down your spine; the music feels like it is exorcising you of demons you frankly had no idea even existed. It’s a compilation of all your most heinous and hateful thoughts and fantasies. It’s all your guilty, unspeakable acts wrapped up into one. In essence, it is a roller coaster of misery and fear.

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