Dying Fetus – Wrong One To Fuck With

In the ever crowded and, as a result, often maligned style of Technical Death Metal, Dying Fetus are not only one of the original innovators of the genre, but have remained to this day as one of its standard bearers. Capturing the perfect blend of complexity and dynamism with pure brutality, the likes of Destroy The Opposition are modern day genre classics and are why Dying Fetus are so beloved in the death metal community to this day.

Last album Reign Supreme saw them return to those creative high points after several years of inconsistency, and has taken five long years for a follow up to rear its head. Thankfully, the subtle monikered Wrong One To Fuck With (all Relapse) is well worth the wait. By now you that Dying Fetus are hardly going to throw a curveball in to their sound, and Wrong One To Fuck With certainly continues with the ‘tried and tested’ route, but it masterfully blends all their elements with splendour.

Seamlessly transitioning between a full paced onslaught and chaotic fretwork, whilst also offering plenty of mosh-ready slam sections throughout, despite the technical nature at the forefront, WOTFW has a case for being the band’s catchiest and anthemic to date, with very memorable song-writing that doesn’t trade in on extremity or heaviness either.

After many years of not quite hitting the heights they once had, 2012’s Reign Supreme was a very pleasant return to their absolute best, and after a five year wait, WOTFW shows that it most definitely wasn’t a fluke. Whilst it may not sit in the hearts of fans quite as well as the likes of Destroy The Opposition, its immediacy, consistency and mastering of elements should put WOTFW at least in the same bracket as their other career highs. Another strong addition to what is turning out to be a continuation of a huge return to form.