ALBUM REVIEW: Dropdead – Dropdead 2020

Punk music continues to be the most outspoken genre of heavy music in terms of political/social issues. This is no different from the hardcore punk/grindcore outfit known simply as Dropdead. Formed back at the beginning of 1991 and has released many recordings over the years, this is only the third studio album, however, it has come about in perfect timing. Simply titled Dropdead 2020 (Armageddon), is a twenty-four-minute sonic attack on all things evil such as the ever-growing right-wing extremists, animal abuse, and overall human stupidity.

‘Book of Hate’ is not only the longest track on the album (which does not say much as it is still below the three-minute mark) but it also has a straightforward message here. “When will you make a change and think for yourself” is the first line in this track and probably the most important lyric on the whole album. Instrumentally you get that crust punk inspiration but then hit that chorus where everything slows down to a crossover break. ‘Hail to the Emperor’ is another greatly politically charged track that is equally as aggressive. The only air you get in this track is the d-beat outro but probably will be too busy two-stepping to catch your breath. The closing track, ‘The Future is Yours’, really puts the whole message behind Dropdead 2020 into perspective where our future is for us to fight for, not sit back and await someone to hand it over to us. With the heavy grind elements in this song, on top of the lyrical content, the overall vibe is very uplifting and inspiring. Think for yourself, defy what is wrong, question authority.

At this point, I am sure some have stopped reading because they “don’t want politics in their music” which everyone is entitled to have stupid opinions I suppose. For those who understand music is an art form and artists, through their art, depict messages and emotions, Dropdead’s latest full length is a no-brainer to listen to. Dropdead 2020 could not have been dropped at a better time with everything happening in the world and in our own backyards. In time, hopefully, humanity can get its head on straight; but until then, we have artists such as these fine Rhode Islanders to express just how pissed off we are at our fellow “man”.

You can purchase Dropdead 2020 here