If you have ever wanted a hardcore punk band with wackiness that only Mike Patton can provide, then you owe yourself to check out Dead Cross and their new album, II (Ipecac Recordings). The result of this mix is absolute audible chaos that the world needs in this crazy day and age we all live in. Don’t worry metal friends, Dave Lombardo (ex-Slayer, Testament) is in this stellar lineup as well so you no need to pull the “this isn’t metal” card for this album!

‘Strong and Wrong’ takes all of the strangeness in the form of the guitar riffs while Lombardo brings up the back-end making this feel like a mathcore song. Patton also showcases really well in this song why he worked so well on that Dillinger EP years ago with the harsher vocals.


Oh, a grindy song is on here too in the form of ‘Nightclub Canary’. Less than three minutes, high tempo throughout, and some stellar stop-and-go d-beat on the skins will be a great song live (hint hint: Dead Cross). The closing track on II may well be my favorite, ‘Imposter Syndrome’. Complete with panic guitar riffs, thunderous drum work, and the absolutely creepiest Patton has been in quite a while. The flow of this song is a musical embodiment of how I feel when my imposter syndrome takes over in some facet of my life, so the bias of this being a favorite track is clear and a great way to end the record.


II is a record that will pass by really quick but grows better with each listen, which is a sure recipe for success. There’s a good possibility that a year from now that this album’s score I am giving it could even go up, but alas, we do not revisit album reviews. Having said that, Dead Cross had a daunting task in front of them with this album being the follow up to their fantastic debut a few years back.


In short, they absolutely fucking nailed it.


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8 / 10