Danko Jones – Wild Cat

Predictability is underrated. Eighth album in, eighth time that Canadian power-trio Danko Jones have pulled out of the bag (sic) a selection of energetic garage-tinged Hard Rocking songs with swagger and enthusiasm. This time around it is a Wild Cat (AFM) that has been let out, and while there are no surprises, hell, (this) ain’t a bad place to be.

Danko Jones revel in three things, and three things only; Rock Music, partying (to Rock Music) and getting down with the ladies, so expect the lyrics to be ankle-deep. But, do you know what? Sometimes that’s damn fine.

Particularly when you’re presented with an opening salvo of the quality of ‘I Gotta Rock’, an infectious anthem designed to amp things up from the off and to invoke crowd participation with its belted out Surf Rock chorus, and the boogie blues of ‘My Little RnR’, which adds in a Clutch dirtiness before opening up to a sing-a-long audience pleaser.

Rock music is many things, but one of its charms is its ability to provide escapism, to open up a power chord or three and head out on the highway with an uptempo open-string chug roaring between your ears. These are uncertain times, whatever your political persuasion, and Danko Jones simply rejoice in the fun side of rock music. Even when a song is titled ‘Revolution…’ it’s suffixed with (But Then We Make Love).

Not every track is a hit, ‘Do This Every Night‘ and ‘Success In Bed’ fall into the category marked “Stock”, but it’s forgivable, especially when you consider most bands on their eighth album would be looking to use an album to chuck one or two singles into their live set and be phoning in the rest. Instead, Wild Cat has plenty to make up for it. ‘You Are My Woman’ tips the nod to Thin Lizzy, particularly vocally, ‘Let’s Start Dancing’ could have been lifted from Dave Lee Roth’s Skyscraper (Warner), the title track hits those playful blues that Poison used to specialize in, and ‘Diamond Lady’ gets the feet-a-movin’ and a-stompin’, all AC/DC rompin’.

Danko Jones have cultivated a formula that serves them well and Wild Cat is a fun, feisty and cheeky ride that will add to their continued reputation for good-time, hard rockin’.

And if you can’t hang with the speed he goes, Danko’s still gonna roll tonight!