Danko Jones – A Rock Supreme

No nonsense Rock n’ Roll may not be the flavour of the month but Canadian trio Danko Jones, with twenty-three years under their belts, have got it down to a tee. Their ninth album A Rock Supreme, on Rise Above, continues their trademark sound – which mixes the bite of AC/DC and the swagger of Thin Lizzy with an impressive, Clutch like ferocity.

Lead single ‘Dance Dance Dance’ is the best taster of what is to come, meat and potatoes Rock replete with loud riffs and an irrepressibly catchy chorus. You have heard its ilk before, it is not groundbreaking but when it is done right it is undeniable. The aptly titled ‘Party’ is a high tempo number with a choppy riff and a delightfully bouncy drum beat, courtesy of Rich Knox. ‘You Got Today’ will not win any awards for its lyrics but like the album as a whole, the hooks are big, in your face and in your head.

The simplistic riffy rock means a sense of deja vu is strong but the genuine passion on show is heartwarming and as he proclaims in the opening track ‘I’m in a Band’ – “I’m in a band and I love it, all I want to do is play my guitar and rock and roll.”. This straightforward approach means things get samey quickly though, tracks like ‘I Love Love’ and ‘You Can’t Keep Us Down’ quickly forgotten in amongst the nonstop Rock.

A bit of variety would not go amiss but that is not what you sign up for with Danko Jones. You know exactly what you are getting with this style of Hard Rock, big riffs, chanting along choruses and primal lyrics. Like Ronseal, it does exactly what it says on the tin, as the anthemic Black Star Riders-esque swagger of ‘Fist Up High’ testifies to.

Forty minutes of catchy, well-crafted and raucous Hard Rock that is easy to like but hard to love.

6 / 10